hunger matters

The spirit of this thing we call philanthropy is really quite simple.  It boils down to one goal: nourishing what it is to be human.  All humans have basic needs without which we cannot flourish.  Nutritious food is one of these basic needs…

Sadly, millions of our fellow humans are what we call food-insecure; they are hungry.  It is estimated that on any given day in the U.S., 49 million of our friends, neighbors and colleagues wake up with an all-consuming thought…Where will my next meal come from?

Sadder still, at one point we were on track to eliminate hunger in the U.S. almost entirely.

The good news: we know its possible to solve this issue – we almost did once and we can certainly do it again.  Remember that philanthropy isn’t an exclusive club reserved for the mega-rich.  It’s as simple as lending your voice to those unable to speak for themselves… in doing so, you will send a clear message… everyone matters. 

It matters to me that 49 million individuals are going to bed hungry tonight.  If ever there was a cause to rally around, surely it is this one.

Live generously.